A lifelong multidisciplinary artist, Claire is passionate about art as a platform for human connection. 
Her formal art study began in 1992 at the Dawson College Fine Arts program, in her hometown of Montreal, Quebec. That same year, she exhibited two paintings in a community gallery for Outsider Art, worked as a book illustrator, and as a calligrapher, hand-lettering high school and nursing school graduation certificates. After relocating to Vancouver in 1995, Claire continued a rigorous self-study in both fine and performing arts, with a focus on circus arts and folkloric dance. In completing Vancouver Film School’s 3D Animation and Digital Effects program, Claire adapted her traditional art skills to digital applications, and entered the video game industry in 2004. 

As a 3D Art Generalist, she has created virtual characters, environments and visual effects (VFX) for 12 studios and has shipped 20 video game titles for a range of platforms, including PC, console (Xbox, Playstation), mobile (iPhone, Android), virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). As Nouscentric, she leverages this experience and expertise, to provide art, leadership and enthusiasm to a variety of creative and technological projects.