The Inspiration Project, re-release

In 2010, I offered an interactive, meditative, and temporary art installation: A mandala sand painting. Inspired by sacred art, the small-scale sand mandala offered participants an opportunity to create, interact with other sand painters, and meditate with temporary art. Participants added coloured sand to the design throughout the afternoon, and at the end, the mandala was swept up, leaving only a time-lapse video as evidence of its existence.

In 2011, I hosted a discussion series to investigate what inspires us, how it feels, and how we share it. A few question prompts encouraged an intimate gathering of creative individuals to speak openly about their experiences and processes, and laugh together.

With Frank Roberts and Chelsie Kadgien, these two seemingly separate community projects were combined to make a short film, and was screened at a community event in autumn 2011.

Seven years, and a few audio & video skills skills later, I’ve finally added titles, credits, and subtitles. Enjoy.