Reflection: My Tech Roots

I've been reflective lately, thinking a lot about my roots, and calibrating my perspective as I plan for the future. 

Our family lived in Pointe-Saint-Charles for generations, and I was an elementary student at Lorne School 1980-87.  Improbably, Lorne School had a computer class, and I loved it so much, that I adjusted my "What I want to be when I grow up" from just "Artist" to "Computer Artist".  We couldn't afford a computer at home, and that class provided technology access and education that would have otherwise been entirely out of my reach.  I still have my report cards, citing that I was doing well, learning Logo and Basic, and drawing with Turtle. 

Access to youth programs helps kids dream big, and lays foundations for paths they may pursue later, and with great success.  As I choose projects to work on, I am often thinking about how I can use my skills & experience to help underprivileged kids like I was, and to encourage adults who didn't get the chance to learn when they were young. 

Something that continues to amaze me, is how technology helps us in connecting dots and reconnecting with people.  Thanks to the internet, I just sent a letter of gratitude to my first computer teacher via LinkedIn.  His reply (saying my note made his day) made MY day, and renews my determination to pay these gifts forward, as well and as long as I am able.